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The Complete Microsoft Teams Course - Master Microsoft Teams

Publicado en 14 Jun 2024

Udemy UK

What you'll learn

  • Practical Use of Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Plans: Complimentary and Premium Options
  • Multifunctional Collaboration with Microsoft Teams
  • Signing Up for a Microsoft Account
  • Setting Up Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams Desktop Application
  • Microsoft Smartphone Application
  • Settings for Organizations, Teams, and Channels
  • Managing an Organization in Microsoft Teams
  • Setting Up Teams and Channels in an Organization of Microsoft Teams
  • The Essential Component of Microsoft Teams
  • Creating, Adding Users, and Administering a Team
  • Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Meetings
  • Conducting Productive Meetings
  • Team Collaboration Strategies
  • Planning Team Meetings
  • Managing Conversations
  • Managing Activities
  • Managing Calls
  • Managing Files
  • Configuring Microsoft Teams
  • Configuring Privacy Options
  • Adjusting Notification Preferences
  • Adjusting Device Preferences
  • Setting Access Permissions
  • Adjusting Call Preferences
  • Adjusting Search Preferences
  • Essential Microsoft Office Tools
  • Trello Apps - Stay on Top of Your Task List by Automatically Creating, Updating and Organizing Them in Trello
  • Wiki Tab Is Your Notes, on A Channel Level, that Includes a Hierarchy of Sections Within Listed Pages
  • OneNote The digital note-taking app for your devices
  • Polly Offers a Native Integration in Microsoft Teams to Foster Collaboration and Productivity
  • Karma as Daily Appreciation, Recognition and Rewards in Microsoft Teams
  • Creating Strong Passwords for Yourself and Your Users
  • Conducting Successful Team Presentations
  • Developing Comprehensive Team Presentations
  • Rehearsing Team Presentations


  • No Prior Experience with Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Office Required!
  • Willingness to Learn :)


The Complete Microsoft Teams Course - Master Microsoft Teams: Managing Microsoft Teams - Microsoft MS-700 - Microsoft Office 365 - Sharepoint - Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive chat-based collaboration platform that includes document sharing, online meetings, and other essential features for business communication. A strong team environment is crucial for making effective decisions and communicating with one another, and this course will help you become a master at using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams offers a multitude of ways to collaborate as a team. With its various features, Teams provides chat capabilities where you can express your thoughts and personality, conduct video conferences with teams of any size, make and receive calls, and easily share and edit files in real-time using familiar apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

The course is designed to help you understand Microsoft Teams both as an administrator and a user. Simply having a basic understanding of the interface is not enough, you need to develop deeper skills that you can use and retain. As you progress through the lectures, you will find that using Microsoft Teams becomes easier.

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool on its own, but sometimes you may need to do more, and this course covers both the basics and more advanced features to help you become a master.

Moreover, we understand that software alone is not enough for effective collaboration within teams and organizations. That's why the course includes lessons on how to lead effective meetings, make every second count, and create strong and secure passwords for desktop and mobile devices.

By taking this The Complete Microsoft Teams Course - Master Microsoft Teams you will be able to:

  • Full understanding of Google Microsoft Teams

  • Sign up in Microsoft to use Microsoft Teams

  • Understand the difference between the free and paid plan of Microsoft Teams

  • Download Microsoft Teams App on Desktop and Phone

  • Become familiar with Microsoft Teams Interface

  • Manage your Microsoft Teams profile management

  • Start chatting with a participant in Microsoft Teams

  • Create Org, team, and channel on your team in Microsoft Teams

  • Manage Org, team, and channel on your team

  • Invite users to join Microsoft teams

  • Understand the core part of Microsoft Teams

  • Start and manage a meeting in Microsoft Teams

  • How to make a test call before starting a meeting

  • Lead effective meetings in Microsoft Teams with TJ tips and experience

  • Manage your saved messages

  • Manage chat in Microsoft Teams

  • Browse Activity history in Microsoft Teams

  • Manage calls in Microsoft Teams

  • Manage files in Microsoft Teams

  • Add your favorite cloud in Microsoft Teams

  • Set up your general settings in Microsoft Teams

  • Set up your privacy settings in Microsoft Teams

  • Manage the settings of your notification

  • Manage device settings to make them go write

  • Configure Calls and permission settings

  • Search anything in Microsoft Teams

  • Be familiar with Microsoft Office Apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

  • Connect YouTube videos in your Teams

  • Set up Trello, Wiki, Karma, Polla for better productivity

  • Create powerful users for your teams

  • Deliver team presentations

  • Create team presentations

  • Practice team presentations

So don't hesitate anymore,

Join us now to make new experiences with Microsoft Teams in your Org today!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365
  • People Who Need Teamwork, Collaboration, Get Things Done and Work Remotely
  • Office 365 Users
  • Teams Users
  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Administrator
  • Business Owners
  • Team Leaders
  • Anyone Who Want Stay Connected and Organized. Accomplish More Together Across Work, School, and Life with Microsoft Teams.

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