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Passive Income - 1-Hour Course To Guide Your Financial Path

Publicado en 14 Jun 2024

Udemy UK

What you'll learn

  • Passive Income Strategies
  • Online Business Strategies
  • Index Fund Investing
  • Intellectual Property Creation
  • Digital Asset Creation


  • A willingness to be creative and not fall for get rich quick gimmicks


Passive Income - 1-Hour Course To Guide Your Financial Path
Passive Income Strategies Based on Long-term Growth, Not Short-term Hype - Index Funds - Online Businesses - Investments

Are you interested in and willing to work smarter, but not harder or longer? Are you tired of just selling your time? Are you ready to start having your money work for you, rather than you having to work so hard for your money?

If so, then this is the passive income introductory course for you.

Please note, this is not a long, in-depth, and comprehensive course covering every aspect of how to make passive income. This is an introductory, beginners' course designed to help you focus on the most important principles that will guide you toward success in building consistent and growing passive income for the rest of your life. And it is designed to be completed in just 1 hour.

There are a tremendous number of con artists pitching their latest scams on how you too can make $100,000 a month working 30 minutes a week while sitting in your hammock on the beach. This course will teach you how to see through the hype and not to get taken it in by the get-rich-quick scammers. You will build a solid and realistic base of knowledge you can use to create a reliable source of passive income to serve you well for the rest of your life.

if you are ready to avoid the cheap and seemingly easy shortcuts, and do the real work necessary for a lifetime of growing passive income, then enroll in this course today.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Those tired of working for a boss
  • Students
  • Full-time workers looking for extra income
  • Those looking to work smarter, not longer or harder

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