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Master Docker Swarm for DevOps Professionals

Publicado en 10 Jun 2024

Udemy UK

What you'll learn

  • Install docker on your machine.
  • Able to manage different containers and builds or images (versions for your apps).
  • Able to Manage builds of your applications or servers.
  • Able to install web server image and container for web applications through docker.
  • Able to manage containers on dockers hub and import the images from docker cloud.
  • Able to Manage apps on different remote nodes with docker compose & docker swarm


  • Basic Linux knowledge are required.
  • A computer with at least 4GBs of RAM running Windows, OSX or Linux.
  • Docker Hub Account.
  • Curiosity to learn.
  • If candidate must be from IT background.


Docker lets you design the entire cycle of application development, testing, and distribution, and manage it with a consistent user interface. Docker allows you to install all the software or libraries that are required for your web applications like Python, WordPress, PHP etc. without creating, installing or launching any virtual machine or cloud platform on the host OS.

So we designed this course to get the knowledge and get hands-on experience on containerization technology. This course will provide you the knowledge on how to install apps or create images of different platforms for various apps without launching the virtual machine. You will get the knowledge on how to create & manage the different docker containers with the docker clustering tool swarm.

This course will cover all concepts like:

1. Basics of Docker

2. Docker images

3. Docker File

4. Docker containers

5. Different Docker commands

6. Docker Compose

7. Docker Compose file

8. Volume Mount

9. Docker swarm architecture & working etc.

By using Docker Compose, you will be able to configure more than one container and Swarm will help you to orchestrate containers, it also helps you to scale the containers and connect containers to multiple hosts similar to Kubernetes.

For more information, please check the curriculum & let us know your questions.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to grow his career in DevOps.
  • Developers who want learn and increase the productivity
  • Developers who want deploy their apps & save money by self-hosting their own web apps

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