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Digital transformation & Big Data in the Luxury Industry

Publicado en 30 Nov 2020

Udemy UK

Lo que aprenderás

  • digital transformation

  • Data Marketing

  • Digital Luxury

  • Requisitos

  • You don’t need to have a specific business background to take advantage of this course. Most enrolled students have little or no business experience and still enjoyed a tremendous added value after completing this lecture.

  • DescripciĂłn

    If one, which skill is a must for a luxury brand manager in 2020, to be headhunted and become a top talent in its industry? (True) Digital savviness, of course!

    According to McKinsey, by 2025, nearly a fifth of luxury sales will be online(and digital will influence 100% of sales). Master the digital opportunity has become a strategic competency for luxury brands. The recent Coronavirus pandemic reinforced, even more, the importance of digital management for luxury companies.

    More than ever, luxury companies favor talents with “digital colors”. Indeed, those skills become critical to succeed and thrive in luxury brand management positions. Do your current digital skills enable you to be a critical player as a Luxury Brand marketer?

    What if a Googler (who worked for 8 years with luxury brands) lets you sneak in one of his lectures? This course concisely and comprehensively compiles everything you need to know about digital for luxury brands. 

    How this course can be helpful for your career?

    • It can grow your career and boost your talent profile in the eyes of luxury firms

    • To succeed in a luxury brand management role, you need to sharpen your digital skills and strengthen your profile.

    • As the Luxury Industry faces substantial challenges after the pandemic (Bain & Company predicts that global luxury sales will suffer a year-over-year decline of 25% to 30%), it has identified substantial business growth pockets in e-commerce and digital experiences. Digital agility and efficiency have become more strategic than ever.

    • With this course, you access exclusive and up to date expert content.

    • After viewing this course, you will get the practical knowledge to lead a luxury brand’s digital transformation, with specific tactics and examples in mind, and you will have learned how some luxury brands stood out thanks to digital technologies.

    • The material is designed for teaching so that the course is fully supported with visual slides, designed to ease your understanding of complex digital strategies.

    How satisfied are the students who tooke this course, outside of Udemy ?

    • 96% of enrolled students rated this course “Very good” or “Excellent”.

    • 92% of enrolled students would recommend this course

    Who is behind this course ?

    • I’m Matthieu (French). I have been working at Google for almost a decade. I’m a digital consultant who advises luxury companies on their digital marketing strategies.

    • I have had working relationships with various Maisons and luxury giants, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Dior, MoĂ«t Hennessy, Guerlain, L’OrĂ©al, Clarins, or Chanel.

    • I’m also teaching in various MSc and MBA programs, including those majoring in Luxury Management, where I address “digital transformation & data analytics”.

    ¿Para quién es este curso?

  • Students and professionals willing to reinforce their luxury management skills with digital competencies

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    Udemy UK
    • #Digital Transformation

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