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HR and Employee Dashboard using MS Excel

Publicado en 12 Jul 2021

Udemy UK

Lo que aprenderás

  • Learn index designing and tab designing supported with interactive charts and graphs
  • Learn how to create and use Pivot table and charts effectively to arrange and analyze your data.
  • Requisitos

  • Basic knowledge of excel tools and functions
  • Passion to learn and apply
  • MS Excel 2016 in your PC
  • DescripciĂłn

    Excel dashboards help to maintain huge chunks of data and also to convert dashboard data into user friendly visuals. These online tutorials are self-paced to learn effective & interactive creation of Human Resource (HR) dashboards to create valuable data visualizations. Job of an HR is not an easy task especially when one has to manage a huge number of employees. Acquihiring good people, developing them and then taking steps to retain them is an intricate task. To help them out perform their mundane tasks and analyze data well, dashboards can play a very effective role. Simply gathering data on excel sheets would not be helpful it requires to speak for further decision making. This is when HR analytics comes to aid for aggregating data in a meaningful way. In turn, that lets your business make data driven decisions. In this training we start right from scratch from planning index designing and tab designing to finishing the entire dashboard supported with interactive charts and graphs. This will help you create a powerful analysis for HR data. You will also learn how to create and use Pivot table and charts effectively to arrange and analyze your data.

    Data analysis is a useful tool. No matter what profession you’re in, you need data analysis to have a sense of what’s going. Let’s take the example of a human resource professional. If the HR has to understand how efficient her employees are, she needs to look at the hours worked, the value produced, the importance of the value created in regards to the business objective, and what triggered the performance (both good or bad). If she analyses, she would be able to discover why a particular employee is productive whereas another employee is not so efficient. We can take many examples of data analysis from various professions like finance, marketing, banking, trading, investment professionals and many more.

    The idea is to learn to collect the data, clean the data if they’re ambiguous, analyzing the data, and using statistical methods to create a sound presentation of the set of data.

    In this excel data analysis course, you will learn data analysis using MS Excel. No matter what profession you’re in, the learning would be so very valuable. You don’t need to be a data analyst to take this course. You should know basic mathematics and you would be good to go.

    ¿Para quién es este curso?

  • Commerce students
  • Human resource professionals
  • Students from the business administration or planning to make a career in HR
  • Working professionals who go through the hectic working schedule of same repetitive work every day

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