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Fundamentals of Successful Leadership - Leading with Impact

Publicado en 10 May 2024

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What you'll learn

  • Leadership Role
  • Who Is a Leader
  • Purpose driven leader
  • Big picture thinking leader
  • Authentic leadership
  • Leadership through tough times
  • Community or Collegiate minded leadership
  • Assertive but fair Leadership
  • How to make successful impact as a Leader
  • How to become a leader yourself
  • We are all leaders in our own spheres


  • None


I believe one of the main issues facing us as professionals, businesses, organisations, communities and individuals is the lack of leadership, good and positive leadership.

I always say Leadership can be simple, not easy, but simple and uncomplicated.

Many organisations, businesses, communities, teams are suffering from a lack of good leadership and thereby deliver poor or subpar services, interactions with their customers, colleagues, creditors, debtors.

I decided to lay out what a good leader should be for impact. Impact that positively affects the people, organisations they engage with. 

This course examines some areas to help shine some light on qualities of good leadership as well as some leadership styles. 

We explore:

- Who is a Leader?

- What is the role of a Leader?

- Examples of various types of Leaders including:

  1. Purpose Driven Leadership

  2. Clear & Big Picture Thinking Leadership

  3. Leadership through tough times

  4. Vigilant Leadership

  5. Authentic Leadership

  6. Community or Collegiate minded leadership

  7. Assertive but fair Leadership

- Why we need leaders

- The importance of keeping highlighting these topics in our workplaces, homes, communities, businesses and every aspect of life.

- How to become one of the above styled leader

We are all leaders and should strive to become leaders in our own way, styles, areas of expertise, areas of interest, in vocational groups, in solving problems, in understanding issues, diagnosing problems, setting out solutions, implementing solutions and repeating the same.

Sometimes, experiences, events and situations at work, in our communities, in our businesses make us feel like we have nothing to offer as leaders. I strive to highlight the importance of leadership traits and hope you can see some of these traits in yourself and build on these to their full potential.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone and Everyone

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